Granny Dogging Dates

Date Dogging GranniesIf you are interested in dogging and love mature women then you will probably been looking for granny dogging dates. Granny dogging is hot, more and more women across Australia are turning to dogging as a way to increase their sex drives.

A granny member….

We thought this week we would do something slightly different. One of the most popular features on the site is that members can keep public diaries. Many mature grannies use this as a way to log all the different events they have been to since signing up to the site. This is great, as so many men love to read these stories. It also gets more men contacting these women as they realise what a good time they could be having.

Many of the women like to boast about their sexual appetites and experiences.

Here is a testimonial from one woman who likes to regularly post stories about her dogging dates

“As you all know by now I like to post some of the fun that I have been having on here. Well I have got one hell of a story for you this week. Last night I met up with a young man in his thirties. He was very good looking and I couldn’t believe that he would want to root a 59 year old woman like me but I certainly wasn’t going to say anything. He picked me up in his car to go on this horny date and I thought he was going to take me up to a local car park. On the way there I started to run my hand up his leg. Before I know it I was taking his huge dick out of his pants and I was rubbing it as he was driving. He didn’t say anything but I could tell he was loving it. Before you know it I was sucking on his rock hard dick. I haven’t had a dick that hard in a very long time.

I was thinking, this is going to be a very good night.

Before long he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled over the car in quite a public place and told me to get in the back seat. We both got into the back seat and he ripped my pants off. It was amazing. I felt like I was in my thirties again. He fucked me so hard in the back seat I didn’t know what to do with my self. Every now and again he would take his dick out and make me lick his arse hole. I don’t usually do this but on this granny dogging date I thought why not. I was rimming his arse hole and he was moaning like a girl then he would turn around and fuck my mouth before fucking me hard in the pussy again.

I must have cum about three times. It was amazing……”

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