Meeting up with mature doggers in Canberra can be tough, with this is where we feel we can help, we created this site with one goal in mind. The help men and women who loved Canberra dogging spotsto go dogging in Canberra get in touch with each other quickly and easily for sex in their area.

What is dogging?

This is often the first thing that people ask, the answer to that is “sex in a car”. However, over time dogging has come to mean any sexual act in public. So whether you want to have sex on a beach or even if you want to go to the woods and have a fuck up against a tree, we can help.
Many people on this site are quite specific about the types of sex they want to have, for example, Mary from Canberra has written on her profile

“I love the idea of having sex on a beach; I don’t even mind if people are on the beach. I have always loved to have sex in the sand. One of the best things is to use the sand to help you get into better positions. We sometimes build up a mountain of sand, then I lie on it, so my back is on the flat sand but my bum in upon the mountain of sand, so my butt is up in the air, this often helps because when I am being fucked, the guys dick can often hit my g-spot a lot better. I also quite like just putting a towel over us and having sex quite publicly with people around. It is so erotic to me the thought of being caught or even the idea of people watching. Obviously, I know when you have sex in a public place, there is always the chance someone will see. When people are watching, this is often a real turn on for me, especially if I know they are other men who are watching as it is also turning them on.

Even though I am fifty-six years old, I am a horny older woman who is happy to meet up Canberra dogging spotswith men, women and even couples. My only thing I ask though is that you have the confidence to have sex outside. I don’t mind where we do it. Obviously, you know my favourite place is a beach, but if you fancy going somewhere else, then this is not a problem.”