If you are living in Brisbane and are on the lookout for mature women to have sex within a car park, then you are in the right place. We set this site up over six years ago with the main aim tdoggers near Brisbaneo be Brisbane’s number one sex dating site for men and women who are interested in going dogging in their local area.

What is Brisbane dogging?

Some people might hear the term dogging and assume it is something to do with walking dogs; they could not be further from the truth. Dogging is the act of meeting up in a car park somewhere and having sex with someone. Many men and women enjoy meeting up and having sex in a public place, and people of Brisbane are no different. Having sex in public can be quite a rush and most of the people on this site are not only looking for a mature fuck buddy, but they are also looking for a way to just have a bit more fun in life.

Testimonial from a Brisbane granny dogger

“Hi, my name is Margret, and I have lived in Brisbane for most of my life. I am on this site because my husband is no longer interested in sex but has given me permission to go and have some fun, so to speak. This is perfect for me because I have always been an adventurous sort. Life is for the living I say, and I think it is about time that I got out there and started to have some more fun.

I am on this site looking for a man over the age of 35 to give me a good time. I am not interested in meeting up with boys who could be my grandson. However, I am more than happy to meet up with men who could befat dogger the same age as my son. The issue with my husband is that he was never that adventurous when it came to sex and would never go dogging with me. I always wanted to pull the car over and have a good root on the back seat. Anyway, now am looking for a man who intends to have a bit of an adventure. A bloke who is not afraid to drive up the woods and have a fuck in a bush somewhere.

If you are out there and you live close to Brisbane then get in touch!”


Are you into dogging with mature women and do you live in Melbourne? If so then this might be the perfect website for you. This is an online dating website for men and women who want to have sex in public.

All over Melbourne there are thousands of men who are eager to meet up with these saucy Melbourne milfsolder doggers to start rooting. The only issue is that they simply do not know where to go to meet them. One of our members from Melbourne wrote this testimonial the other day about his experience of having sex with women once he had reached fifty.

Testimonial from a 50 year old in Melbourne

“My name is Pete and I have lived in Melbourne for my entire life. I have to say that it is a great place to find sex but especially if you are into dogging and rooting women in public. The only issue is that once I hit fifty I didn’t know where to go to start having sex with more mature women.

The dogging car parks and laybys by me are full of younger men and women. Now, even though I still like to fuck a younger lady from time to time, I have found myself craving having sex with a granny recently. I didn’t know where to go and the issue with trying to get these older women into bed is you simply do not know where to go to find them. I mean you can’t just walk up to random women and start chatting them up. Most of the time they are already in a relationship.

I ended up going online to try and find my fun. It didn’t take me long before I stumbled upon this mature dogging site.

I joined up and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I am Melbourne sexhaving more sex with women than I have ever had before in my life and I am a 56-year-old man!

Within a few moment of signing up I was searching through all the elderly personals. I was blown away by the amount of women who lives so close to me who loved dogging. Some of the women literally lived less than three streets away from me.

Meeting up with them is so easy, sometime I literally walk to their house and we find a local bush that is big enough to just have sex in or up against a tree in a public park. A lot of the women on here are eager to meet up for sexy fun and are not interested in anything serious. They just want a bit of excitement in their Melbourne lives like me!

Free Granny Dating

If you are living in Australia and looking for free granny dating then look no further. This is a mature dating website that offers you a full free trial into the horny lives of mature men and women who love to have sex publicly.

Have you ever fantasies about having sex outdoors, whether that is in the back of a car or up against a tree? In that case, you may want to sign up for your free trial on this website .

Free GILF DatesPersonal matching.

Once you are on the site we will instantly show you all the other mature women in your area looking for sex. However, over the last 5 years our popularity has grown to a point where you might actually find you have too much choice. This is why we have added filters to help you whittle down your grannies to the ones you would want to meet the most.

Feel free to open up our filter system and begin to select traits you most like in the grannies you would like to date for free. Perhaps you like blondes or maybe you like to fuck fat grannies?

Choose by your favorite sex position.

The next step is to decide if you want to meet up with women for specific sex. On sign up, we ask our entire member to tick boxed about what type of sex they like to receive and what type of sex they like to give. So for example, you might enjoy being rimmed, alternatively you might want to fuck a woman up the arse. Once everyone has had their selection it makes it a lot easier to match people sexually.

Alternatively, take a moment to simply filter women by what type of sex they like to have,Free mature dating so select anal sex and we will only bring up the grannie daters that enjoy it up the bum.

Free dating for grannies.

We believe in honestly. Unlike other dating services, we are not going to ask you to pay before you even see who is on our site. We allow you free granny dating. Why not sign up today? We do not even ask for any payment details. We want you to sign up and feel confident in your decision so take your time and browse through as many granny personals as you like for free!

Free Granny Dating

Many men love granny dating but get annoyed that they have to pay for it. Free granny dating is the type of thing that most men are looking for. Well this site allows you to meet grannies looking for no strings attached sex but with a catch! These women are looking for dogging sex!

Granny Doggingfree dating dogging

Dogging involves having sex outside, whether you are in the back of a car or even hidden in the bushes, many men and women across Australia have a secret fetish about shagging people outdoors. We know this because we have hundreds of them signed up to this site. If you came on line looking for a way to meet grannies for free then this is the site for you.

Here is a testimonial from one of our granny daters who recently signed up…

“My name is Margret and I have to say that I am thrilled with the service that I have received on this site. My husband Pete is still alive but no longer is interested in rooting me senseless. He gave me permission to come online to date some other randy guys but I was not interested in paying for it.

I search for free sites that allowed younger men to meet up with older women in Australia and it didn’t take me long to stumble across this site.

I love the idea of being picked up by the guy and all I really need is sex so I thought that dogging was right for me. I could be picked up and taken to a local car park for free. Then the gdogging orgyuy could fuck me silly in the back of his car and then drive me home again. All I really want is a booty call. Someone I can call when I am feeling horny. Get them to come and fuck me and then go way again. I don’t want anything more than that, as I am married. Anyway I came on this free granny dating site and I have to say I have been blown away, hundreds of men are eager to meet up with me for sex in a car park and I am spoilt for choice. I am getting fucked by men who are half my husband’s age and I am loving it!

I wanted to write this to say that for me this site is perfect. It is exactly want I came online to find. It is so easy to use and the fact that it is free makes it so much better!”

If you are looking to meet women like Margret then why not sign up for your free trial today!

Mature dogging in Perth

This is the premium website for older ladies and gentlemen who like to meet up for sex in public in Perth. Dogging may not be a term you are familiar with. It originated in Britain where groups of men and women would meet in a car park late a night for some sexy fun. Slowly but surely these dogging car parks grew to a point where the police had to break up Mature doggingfull-blown orgies in public car parks.

People across Perth have been having sex outside for centuries and many men and women still enjoy a quick shag out and about, even to this day. If you love to have a good rooting in the back of your car and enjoy the thought of being caught then you have come to the perfect website for you.

Filter your results.

The great thing about signing up to a dating site for specific wants and needs is that you already know the type of people you are going to meet when you sign up. You already know that the people who have signed up to this site are more mature and they enjoy having sex in public around Perth. However, we don’t stop there, with a database of thousands it is important to us that we can help you meet the right older dogger for you.

Once signed up you will be greeted with hundreds of profiles of other men and women who live in your area. Warning, you might even recognise some of them, you must not steal any of these images if you do recognise any of the women.

We give you the option of being able to filter down to hair colour, eye colour, weight, build shape, size and even better than that, we allow you to find women who have certain sexual tastes such as anal sex or even a love of giving blowjobs.

Meet women in your area.

Whether you live in Perth or just outside it we have thousands of mature women you can meet, however if you are concerned that there will not be any women in your area why not sign up for a free trial. With a free trial you can go into the database and see for yourself how many women there are. If you are in any way not satisfied with the choice then feel free to leave the site and we will never contact you again. You don’t have to enter any credit card details when you sign up either and once you leave we permanently delete any information you entered when you signed up.

So what have you got to loose. If you are interested in mature dogging in Perth, you have justPerth doggers found the perfect site.

Granny Dogging Dates

Date Dogging GranniesIf you are interested in dogging and love mature women then you will probably been looking for granny dogging dates. Granny dogging is hot, more and more women across Australia are turning to dogging as a way to increase their sex drives.

A granny member….

We thought this week we would do something slightly different. One of the most popular features on the site is that members can keep public diaries. Many mature grannies use this as a way to log all the different events they have been to since signing up to the site. This is great, as so many men love to read these stories. It also gets more men contacting these women as they realise what a good time they could be having.

Many of the women like to boast about their sexual appetites and experiences.

Here is a testimonial from one woman who likes to regularly post stories about her dogging dates

“As you all know by now I like to post some of the fun that I have been having on here. Well I have got one hell of a story for you this week. Last night I met up with a young man in his thirties. He was very good looking and I couldn’t believe that he would want to root a 59 year old woman like me but I certainly wasn’t going to say anything. He picked me up in his car to go on this horny date and I thought he was going to take me up to a local car park. On the way there I started to run my hand up his leg. Before I know it I was taking his huge dick out of his pants and I was rubbing it as he was driving. He didn’t say anything but I could tell he was loving it. Before you know it I was sucking on his rock hard dick. I haven’t had a dick that hard in a very long time.

I was thinking, this is going to be a very good night.

Before long he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled over the car in quite a public place and told me to get in the back seat. We both got into the back seat and he ripped my pants off. It was amazing. I felt like I was in my thirties again. He fucked me so hard in the back seat I didn’t know what to do with my self. Every now and again he would take his dick out and make me lick his arse hole. I don’t usually do this but on this granny dogging date I thought why not. I was rimming his arse hole and he was moaning like a girl then he would turn around and fuck my mouth before fucking me hard in the pussy again.

I must have cum about three times. It was amazing……”

Mature Dogging DatingIf you want to read the rest of this story or more like these then why not sign up today. It is completely free to read these stories and browse through hundreds of women.

Shag a granny dogging in Perth

mature sex outdoors in perthIf you are in Perth and love to have sex with mature women then you have come to the right place. We are an adult fun site where you can hook up with women over forty for sex outdoors. IN this blog we are going to list some of the places you can go with you dates to meet up for sex.

East Perth Power station

If you travel down East PDE and at the end turn into the road just on the left hand side just before the farm. You will find a park there where hundreds of people go to have sex in the back of their car. Once you have signed up to this site. Why not organize to meet a granny down this lane or alternatively, why don’t you pick your date up and drive her to this car park for a bit of late night adult fun.

Garvey Park

There is a really nice walk along the river here but there are also a lot of secluded placed you can go to make sure you are hidden away to have some naked dogging with a granny that you meet. If you are really lucky you might meet someone down there but we suggest that you go down there with someone as it is quite a quiet area.

Guildford King Meadows

Head out to the Guildford Bridge in the direction to midland, just after you have crossed the bridge take the first right and then at the roundabout go left. Down this road is a park, which is a notorious spot for getting naked and having a bit of fun. Why not play hide and seek with some of the women down there. If you find them you get to fuck them. I am warning you though, most of the women on this site are not going to hide in very difficult places!

Hillarys-Pinnaroo Point

granny sex in perthFrom midday to late after noon you can head down there and go into the shaded sand dunes for some sexy fun. Before you know it you could be bumping into some regulars who go down there all the time to have sex in the sunlight.

Make sure you take some wipes so you can get the sand out of all the cracks afterwards.

Some grannies might find it a little difficult to walk through all of these sand dunes but once you get them there they can rest by lying on their backs while you fuck them

There are many places you can go to fuck grannies outside in Perth. Dogging has always been a big activity for some mature women in Perth. If you are interested in getting involved then why not sign up to Perth’s number one granny dogging website!

If you like gilf dogging in Sydney come and sign up today

old sydney doggerIt is often been said by men in Australia that there is nothing better than going dogging with an older granny. Their wrinkly skin is a massive turn on and it can be the best thrill in the world meeting up with the older woman to go and have sex with her in a car park. Grannies are not particular about what type of men they want – so when you choose the woman you want to have sex with on our site- there is a 99% chance this gilf will write back to you and arrange a meet up. She has been on this planet long enough not to worry about what you look like etc. She just wants to meet up and have fun. Men absolutely love this confidence in a woman, they find it a turn on. And there are plenty of men who love the sagging breasts and wrinkly vaginas of these older members on the site.

Why are gilfs becoming more popular?

Gilfs are becoming the sauciest type of women in this modern world will live in. There is nothing a gilf won’t do for you in the bedroom- in fact many of our gent members say they will “simply suck you dry”. That is very true. There is one simple fact that you will understand when browsing our site- and that is that these older women love giving blow jobs. The granny will not be happy unless her man she has met up with online is happy. Gilf dogging in Sydney is becoming so very popular that over 1 million gilts have signed up all over Australia to our site. Milfs are being portrayed in films and music videos as the most erotic type of woman. They are very sexy and wear sexy clothes.

What to expect when you sign up today

mature gilf in sydneyWhen you sign up be expected to get loads and loads of messages of grannies. The thing is about this market is that older women are generally retired so they have all day to read your profile and send you messages. It’s great having a woman with lots of time on her hands because she will be more available to meet up and have sex with you. When you go through your many messages you can choose which granny takes your fancy. Some of our grannies pose in erotic positions so be prepared to see really sexy grannies and erotic positions. Sign up is free so if you want to start have sex with wrinklys, well why not sign up today to start dogging with a granny?

Do you love NSA mature dogging golden coast?

gold coast older doggingThe great thing about NSA mature dogging on the golden coast is that most of these potential women you are going to be meeting are very very good looking. These types of women that you will see on this website are very sexualised and will be looking to meet up with you for sex. They wear really revealing clothing when they meet up with you, and you will also be able to see them wearing these erotic clothes in their profile pic on the dating site. As lots and lots of older dogging slags have signed up in the last month or two there are plenty of women to choose from. As soon as a woman takes your fancy you can click on her name to send her messages. You can flirt and talk about sexy things then decide where and when to meet up. On average these girls will want to meet up with you very soon- so be prepared.

The best sexual positions with an older dogger

gold coast mature doggingAn older girl is far more experienced so she we be really looking to have some extra thrills in the woodlands or car park who wherever you may be out and about dogging. A good position is if you are riding her from the drivers sear is for you to suck on her nipples while she tosses you off with her hands. When you cum she will often lick this away from you fingers and swallow your cum. If you want to have sex with the older dogger in the back of your van where you may have more room, it is worth doing a 69er which can be very thrilling. So if you want to get into the these positions come and search for NSA dogging golden coast today.

A Diary Entry from Sophie who lives on the golden coast

“I my name is Sophie and I signed up to this site a couple of months ago. I have some great times and have met up with some really horny men. I love having sex with these men outdoors because it is so erotic and thrilling. I love giving men a blow job when I have met up with them. I love being in control of when they orgasm. The more quicker I suck and blow the quicker my men are pleased. I also ask the them I meet up with online to like my vagina because I love it when my gusset gets are warm slippery and wet because it puts me in the mood for some great sexy time. When I am dripping wet after having an orgasm I ask my gentleman friend to put down towels so I don’t wet his seats too much.

What is great about older doggers in Melbourne

granny doggers in melbourneDogging has become the normal type of shagging in Melbourne. Older doggers in Melbourne know how to have all the real fun in life. Dogging used to be very big in UK, but now it is all what the Australians want to do. There are plenty of lovely places to go and have sex outdoors with your partner in Melbourne. The climate is so great out here in Oz that having sexual sessions with partners you may have met on the internet has become a real treat. It is not like the cold rains are going to come lashing down on you. The hot sunny muggy climate can be a real turn on for potential doggers. If you want to meet girls who would be prepared to come and do this with you well then look no further than this site and sign up today. We have so many girls who have only recently signed up this could be the day that changes your life. Having sex outdoors can be a real treat so why don’t you start living today?

Top sex positions with old doggers

The older dogger can like different things so we have put together a list of some of these you can try when having sex with older doggers in Melbourne:
1. Older doggers like a man to ejaculate over their saggy tits. Then find this a real turn on and so will you.
2. The older dogger likes more traditional things like you blowing raspberries onto her vagina.
3. Massage they back and thighs – as they get older this can be a real treat – they will want to have sex with you afterwards
4. Older women love giving hand jobs so be prepared for this straight away
5. Doggers generally enjoying having sex doggy style outdoors whether it be in the local woodlands or in a car park

mature dogging in melbourneSign up to mature dogging today

We have got a fantastic offer where we are offering sign up to our web site completely free of charge. We are not going to ask for your credit details or anything. All we need is a profile name for you to decide upon so girls know what to call you when they start chatting to you online. To sign up it is 5 step easy quick process which takes no time at all. You could up and online on our site for all the old doggers to see you tonight and you could be getting your wicked end away.