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The problem with dogging sex in Newcastle.

There is a problem breaking out for all the doggers in Newcastle. They are not happy about the fact that dogging is now going mainstream. Here is a letter we received the other day from one of our Maitland members.

“I remember the days where I used to turn up to dogging car parks, and it would be me and potentially one other bloke sitting in the car park just waiting for a girl to turn up. Usually the same girls would turn up to the same car parks so you almost went to the car park thinking about who you would rather be having a dogging root with.

These days it has changed, all of a sudden I am sitting in these car parks with about ten other men. If a Sheila does turn up, you might be the last one to fuck her, and no man enjoys fucking a woman that is already full of cum. Some of these women do not mind if the men do not use a condom, so it becomes a very messy affair. I mean I know from my experience if I am wrapping up and the lady says that she doesn’t care if I go bareback. I tend to go bareback. It feels ten times nicer for one, and secondly, it makes the whole thing more exciting. I don’t get checked, so she is just as much at risk of catching something off me as I am of her.”

The best way to shag when you go dogging.

More and more people are now discovering that the way forward is to just go online before had. It is better just to organise to meet a certain person at a certain place. More Maitland dogging matureand more of our members do not even organise to meet these ladies in popular dogging spots, they just organise to meet them in places no one else knows about. That is why more and more dogging spots are popping up all over the place in Newcastle-Maitland