Are you living in Perth and are you gagging to meet someone for dogging in your area? If so then this is the perfect site for you, we created this site over six years ago with the goal of helping morePerth Dogging people from Perth meet up with older women for some dogging action.

There are hundreds of famous Perth Dogging spots but it is surprising how so many men still struggle to get sex from these locations. Perhaps they are going at the wrong times or just have no idea what to do when they get there. It is time to think of this site as your gateway into the dogging community. Use this site to sign up and meet real mature dogging women who are actively going out to dogging car parks for sex. They have signed up to this site to let the men they like the look of, know when they are heading out to a dogging car park next. You see, the thing with dogging is that, the fun comes from turning up and being fucked by people that you don’t know. It is about having an orgy with men and women in a car park and they have to be strangers. However, that does not mean that you can’t stack the odds in your favor. A lot of the women who sign up to this site to advertise where they are going and at what time, they message the men that they like the look of to tell them that they are going to these dogging car parks and hope that they come. Many of the men message these women to ask them what car parks they like to go to and at what time and if the women like the look of them, they will let them know.

This is a typically online conversation a man and a woman might have on this site…

Man: When are you going dogging next?
Woman: Probably Tuesday, why are you interested 😉
Man: Of course I am, you are hot!Hi all, I’m very excited to see what this dogging is all about, unfortunately, my wife won’t Perth Doggerbe in it, so I’ll be on my own, I would love to watch or play with ladies. A drive to Boyanup will be ok, cheers
Woman: there are a few regulars gathering under the bridge near the river at 5:10 pm weeknights and some lunch times come join in or watch
Man: great count me in!

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