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Recent members we have Tweeted

Recent members we have Tweeted

Welcome to Mature Dogging!

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Meet older doggers today

Welcome to mature dogging. This is a premium website for people who like going dogging with horny older women in Australia. If you are a fan of sex outside and have a thing for hot grannies, then look no further. This site was created a few years back and has slowly become a significant sex dating site online.

What has lead to this site’s success?

This site has won many admirers and had some incredible feedback over the years; we believe that that is mainly down to hard work and the fact that there are so many sexually frustrated mature women across Australia. Here are some of the reasons we believe we are so popular;

1.A substantial female population on the site.

This website is relatively niche and not everybody’s preference. But the great thing about that is, if it is your preference, you are potentially more likely to get sex out of this site. The members here enjoy having sex with older women outside. If this is you, then you will have the pick of the bunch once on our platform. Many of the women on this site need to have sex outdoors as they may be having affairs or secret flings that they don’t want people to know about.

2. Everyone on the website is real.

When we first set about making a mature dogging site, it was necessary to us that the site was full of real people who were having sex rather than thousands of fake profiles. We have always said we would rather less people all actively seeking sex than millions of members who don’t want to do anything like on other dating platforms. Over the years we have become pro’s at removing useless members and our active members thank us for it. Feel secure in the knowledge that when you sign up to this site, you will be mingling with real people who do want sex.

3. Ban members who are not actively seeking sex.

Ever been signed up to another dating site and people just don’t seem interested in meeting up? We all know how frustrating that is so on this site we allow you to inform us of members who don’t want sex. If these people get flagged enough times, we ban them from the site. This also applies to you; please do not sign up if you are not actively seeking sex. We only want members who are looking to meet up. Otherwise, we will end up with an older dogging website that is full of people who just want to chat with each other. How boring would that be?


Because we have such a proven record of matching people for sex, this is now a paid website. However, we do offer a free trial, and when we say free, we mean free. Sign up without handing over a single payment detail. Go to the website and have a look around, look through some of the horny profile and have a look at the members in your local area. Even filter down your results to the women who have similar sexual interest to you. Only when you want to start meeting members do you have to pay. If you decide you have made a mistake, canceling your account is even easier than making it.

Top quality service

If you are at all nervous, why not contact our online support and we can run you through any questions you may have. Even though this is a sex dating website, we still think customers need to have the highest quality service. If you have any questions or any problems at all, do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you out with any issues you have.

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